How do I activate my Social Master?

In the settings menu tap on activate, once there just follow the instructions and once complete you will see “Successful”

How do I use my Social master

All you have to do is tap you Social Master product on the back of someone’s smartphone and they will get a link straight to your Master Profile!

My Social Master is not working

Make sure you’re using a compatible smartphone and also that you have NFC turned on in settings (for android users). If it is still not working, send us an email at

– For iPhone the sweet spot is at the very top of the back of the phone
– For Android the spot is the middle of the back of the phone.

Can I share my master profile with a person who doesn't have and NFC compatible smartphone?

Yes!  This is whyimplemented QR codes on our Master Pofiles. Non – compatible smartphones can read the QR code with the camera and be directed to your Master Profile. You can also share your Master Profile with a custom link you can cpu and paster anywhere you’d like.

Does the other person need the app or a Social Master product?

Nope! When you share your Master Profile with someone they are directed straight to your profile on our website!

Will my Social Master Buzz work under my phone case?

Yes! Your Buzz can be read through most phone cases.