Master Social Distancing: Why Social Distance Doesn't Limit Social Connection

Master Social Distancing: Why Social Distancing Doesn't Limit Social Connection

No one can deny that the emergence of Covid-19 has changed the world. From social distancing guidelines to the uptick in working from home, it feels like every aspect of our lives has changed, even the way we interact with each other. 

Even sharing business cards, a long-time staple in sales, real estate, and all forms of business, is now a cause for concern as a possible transmission event. 

In the age where social distancing is the norm, with no end in sight for the near future, it can be easy to feel like making connections, networking, and keeping in contact are harder than ever. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way.  

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Social Master: Let's Connect 

Social Master puts the power of instant sharing and connection in the palm of your hand. Social Master is a new platform to use to create a profile to instantly share social media profiles, business information, website links, contact information, email, payment methods and apps, and even more. 

Your Social Master functions as a digital business card: it uses near-field communication (NFC) technology to seamlessly share the information you choose to include on your profile directly to the screen of someone else's smartphone.  

How Social Master Works 

The concept is simple: Social Master offers a variety of devices such as the Buzz and Pop (which stick to your phone), and the Plastic and Metal business cards. 

After receiving your Social Master of choice:

  • Activate it with your compatible smartphone device.
  • Configure your profile to include whatever information, links, and profiles you want.
  • When it comes time to share, bring your Social Master device near the back of the phone of the recipient.  

When you bring the device near the recipient's phone, they will get a pop-up notification allowing them to open and view your Social Master profile. 

That's it.  

No contact, no friction. Just germ-free, instant, and easy sharing.   

Social Master Digital Business Card: A Networking Asset During Covid 

Social Master couldn't have come at a better time. With social distancing protocol in place, one can never be too careful in avoiding physical contact.  

Business cards, for all their worth, unfortunately present a concern for anyone who wants to respect the CDC guidelines calling to avoid unnecessary physical contact.  

Social Master allows you to share all the information you could want with prospective clients and colleagues without having to make them worry about the possible germs and exposure that comes with accepting a physical business card. 

Social Master's touch-free sharing is a game-changer for doing business and networking in a world where you have to take caution in something like contact sharing.  

The New Way to Network 

Social Master isn't just for contact sharing while social distancing, of course.  

Long after Covid-19 and social distancing are gone, Social Master will have revolutionized how we share our contact information and profiles with new people.  

Social Master isn't just a business card on a digital format.  

The digital aspect of a digital business card of course makes sharing easier and faster than ever. It also ensures that, unlike a traditional business card, the recipient that you've just shared your Social Master profile with doesn't lose your information.  

With NFC instant contact sharing, the recipient can immediately add you to their list of contacts and follow your social media accounts right there during your interaction.  

You no longer have to worry about the possibility of the person you gave your business card having lost your card or it being forgotten in their pocket or wallet. Once they have your contact saved in their phone, they can't lose it the way one could lose a traditional card.  

With your new contacts and connections following you immediately, it's easier than ever to follow up with them later to close any deals or prospective sales. 

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Enter the New Era: 2020 and Beyond with Social Master Digital Business Cards 

Covid-19 has ushered in an era of change for the world in every industry.  

In 2020, Social distancing and public health initiatives to contain transmission are now a fact of everyday life that requires we take actions to temporarily reduce physical contact— with Social Master leading the way to do this for professionals relying on business cards and networking strategies.  

But 2020 is just the beginning of a platform as innovative as Social Master.  

The advantages that contact sharing with NFC technology present totally transform the way we make and keep connections.  

Social Master is the platform for today's Covid-19 consumed world, to make meaningful connections in a time we all desperately need them.

Even more so, Social Master is the platform for tomorrow's world to do the same: real, instant, effortless, and digital contact sharing that finally closes the gap between the age-old practice of networking and the modern digital world.  

Check out our shop to get your Social Master device to make and keep real, valuable connections through these trying times of social distancing and beyond.


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