Grow Your Business with Digital Business Cards by Social Master

Grow Your Business With Digital Business Cards by Social Master

As the world of business quickly digitally evolves, the way you grow your business has to keep up with the changing marketplace. Electronic business cards using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology are no longer something of the future— they’re a tool for right now.

The digital age has seen a revolution in the way we reach our audiences and do business. One thing that has not changed is how critical networking is to expand your business and its reach. If anything, with the advent of LinkedIn and the importance of your brand’s social media presence, growing your business is more dependent on quality networking.

As important as these digital connections have become in today’s marketplace, the time has come to rethink business cards and how we connect and present ourselves to the world. At Social Master, we’ve done exactly that with our electronic business cards: integrating the traditional concept of business cards into a digital platform that lets them work harder for you than ever before.

What are Digital Business Cards?

Social Master digital business cards are a modern adaptation of their traditional predecessors. Social Master uses state-of-the-art NFC technology to share your Social Master digital business card from any of our devices to a recipient’s smartphone— no app or action required on the part of the recipient.

Unlike other digital business card platforms, Social Master offers a variety of NFC devices such as the buzz and pop, which attach to the back of your phone, as well as sleek plastic and metal cards.

As a user you simply tap your device of choice to the recipient’s smartphone and your Social Master digital business card will display on their screen.

It’s up to you what you choose to share on your Social Master business card— more than 25 social network profiles including LinkedIn and Instagram, your website or online portfolio, your contact information, your business information, and more.

 What NFC Business Cards Mean for Your Business Growth

Social Master NFC-based digital business cards put in more work for you than traditional business cards ever could allowing you to grow your business, network, and reach exponentially.

Switching to Social Master instead of relying on outdated paper cards will set you apart from a sea of undistinguished competitors who haven’t taken advantage of all that technology has to offer.

Make an Impression

It’s often said that people may not remember what you did or said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

These words of wisdom ring true to anyone who has had to grow their business from the ground up or who has been pressured to present their value to prospective clients.

The first step for selling anything— products, services, or the value of your brand, is getting and holding people’s attention. If you don’t catch your audience’s attention, they never get the opportunity to give you the time of day no matter how competent you are or how life-changing your product is.

By presenting yourself and your business card on a sleek, digital, and modern platform you’re at the very least making an impression on your new contact. For many, you will be the first person who has ever shared their business card with them this way: that will get their attention.

At Social Master, we see our NFC business cards as a tool for people like you trying to organically grow your business and connections.

When those connections need the services you provide, they may or may not remember the details from conversations with competitors who presented themselves and gave their business cards in exactly the same, unmemorable way, but what they will remember is how you made them feel by sharing something as mundane as your contact information in such a modern, seamless, and savvy way.

Being at the forefront of people's minds with the impression of that memory is your greatest ally in opening the door to organically growing your business, one new connection at a time.

NFC Technology: Connecting Without Barriers

Inertia is the enemy of growth, especially when it comes to growing your business. Business owners and salesmen alike know all-too-well that people are slow to move and don’t move unless the value they’re offered is much higher than the natural tendency to stay stagnant.

What this means is that if you’re relying on action on behalf of your new contacts—expecting them to pull out your business card to look you up or reach out to you— you’ll very often be disappointed as you find that people are always more inclined to not act than to act.

For paper business cards, even if they include your Instagram handle, are not free of all barriers to connecting. You can’t put a link on a paper card for your contacts to follow.

Even paper cards with a social media handle rely on people going out of their way to look up your profile and follow you. The problem with this is that chances are, they simply won’t due to inertia.

Digital profiles and portfolios that open with a QR code, whilst providing all your information in one place, still have the fatal flaw of requiring that people go out of their way to scan the code. In most circumstances, they will not bother.

Compare these flawed techniques to the frictionless networking that NFC technology-enabled devices from Social Master facilitate.

Your recipient doesn’t have to scan a code, look you up, download an app, or do anything at all. By hovering your NFC electronic business card over their phone, your social media, contact information, and whatever else you choose to share are displayed in a professional format.

At this point, you have eliminated all barriers that would have been present with less sophisticated versions of business cards. At this point, they will at the very least follow you.

With Social Master, you walk away knowing you made connections, the building blocks for growing your business.

Putting Social Master NFC to Work to Grow Your Business

It’s easy to see how our NFC technology and digital business cards make it possible to make connections and network more efficiently than ever before. But how does this translate to growing your business?

Making connections and networking are fundamental to growing your business because you can’t expand your clientele base without some form of it, and people cannot make use of your products or services if they don’t know you’re offering it.

While not all connections, contacts, and followers directly convert to sales or clients, they are important because having more does directly correlate with business growth. 

For social media pages like Instagram and LinkedIn, followers and connections provide the important factor of social proof. The more organic followers and connections you have, the more likely prospective clientele can trust you. This is especially true if they see that you share mutual connections— people trust local endorsements and recommendations.

By connecting with people in the most frictionless and eye-catching way, just by your new contacts following you you’re placed on their horizon. Even if they don’t convert to a sale themselves, when their friends and family ask for recommendations, you’re on their radar and social media feed making you the obvious choice to recommend.

Compare this with paper business cards, which, as we know, most people won’t bother to take the time to follow your accounts. You lose the chance to stay on their radar via a digital connection.

Even worse, it’s not uncommon to lose a business card. In that case, it requires them to go out of their way to search for you based on the service you provide and God-forbid stumble on competitors.

Grab their attention. Tear down barriers. Secure your connections. Social Master’s digital business cards with NFC technology can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to revamp your networking tactics to grow your business if you make the switch.

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