Digital Business Cards: The Definitive Guide in 2021

Digital Business Cards: The Definitive Guide in 2021 

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The digital business card is being touted as the way of the future. In 2020 we saw so many changes to the way that we interact with the world, and as we enter into 2021 and beyond there are aspects of the professional world that will be forever changed by the innovations and solutions that arose from the social distancing measures of 2020.  

Something as simple as the humble business card, a long-time staple of the professional world is even undergoing changes that bring it into the modern world as the new and improved digital business card. 

It's not alone in this aspect, as countless other changes that were due to come to pass were hastened by the social distancing procedures necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as more companies implementing working from home policies (sometimes with free home office golf putting sets) for employees for whom that's a possibility.  

Digital business cards rose to popularity in part due to these restrictions and out of an effort to minimize physical contact.   

However, while the initial surge in popularity of digital business cards may have been due to COVID-19 and social distancing, they allow users to network and share their information better than ever before and aren't going anywhere.   

What is a Digital Business Card Anyway?  

Digital business cards, like their printed predecessors, are a format that allows business professionals such as realtors, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, agents, and more to share their contact information with new contacts and clients.   

Digital business card 2021 definitive guide Social Master social media sharing tiktok twitter phone number cashapp instant NFC sharing virtual business card smartphone

Just as with a traditional business card, they contain vital information such as phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and web addresses for new contacts to have as a reference in order to contact the professional who gave them their information.   

Where they differ from traditional business cards is first and foremost how the information is shared. 

There are a few ways that digital business cards work: the slightly more old-fashioned way is by creating a QR-code (such as the ones that are now often found on restaurant menus) that users can scan to open a page on their browser to find all the pertinent information that is being shared on a custom, easy to read and access format.   

The newest way that they are able to work is quite revolutionary, and thanks to Apple expanding their NFC reader technology to all iPhones with iOS 14, is easy to use for most smartphone owners today.   

digital business card social master 2021 best digital business card NFC virtual business card for instant social media sharing

This new way uses NFC (near field communication) to share the digital business card instantaneously to users from an NFC device to a smartphone.   

NFC is the same technology used with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and tap to pay which has exploded in popularity allowing users to pay at points of sale without physically inserting cards or even taking out their wallets.  

Users create a digital business card that they would like to share, which includes a profile picture, phone number, email address, website links, social media profiles, payment methods or apps (think Cashapp, Venmo, PayPal) that are displayed on an easily readable format and can be saved to a recipient's phone with the tap of a button.   

This digital business card is linked to a device, which can range from popsocket style phone accessories to plastic or metal cards.   

In order to share this business card with new contacts, users simply place their device near the recipient's phone and the recipient receives a pop-up notification (as they would with a QR code), and they can open it to view the digital business card.   

From the business card, they can add the sharer's information to their phone as a contact, with no physical contact, and whatever information that the user chooses to share is instantly shared at once rather than reading out and verifying information.   

Digital Business Card: Why Does it Matter?   

It's easy to see why in a time of social distancing digital business cards would be a useful way to share information and network without having to worry about excessive physical contact and having to sanitize.   

However, in reality, digital business cards have even more advantages over their printed predecessors.   

Digital business cards allow business professionals to network better precisely because they are digitalized. When users share their information on a digital business card, website links are much more useful than on paper business cards because their recipients don't have to refer back to the card to type in the web address, they can simply click the link found in the profile.   

It also eliminates the possibility of recipients losing a paper business card, because they can effortlessly add you as a contact on their phone, which means that they can easily reach back out to you and don't even have to add your information manually.   

This makes locking down new contacts and prospective clients so much easier because it eliminates all the little roadblocks that come with giving out a business card in the hopes that they will keep up with the card long enough to refer back to it and contact you.   

For small business owners, it means growing your social media following and being at the forefront of your clients' and customers’ minds by showing up on their newsfeed because they can follow you right then and there rather than having to look up your social media at a later time.   

They also come in the form of stickers that can be placed on checkout counters or walls so that customers can connect to your business whether you're physically there or not.  

For sales professionals, realtors, and other commission-based jobs, it means you're that much closer to your prospective clients because they already have your information saved to their phone and can contact you as easily as they would with their friends or family.   

Digital business cards also eliminate the clutter of traditional business cards, you only carry one card or device that can be attached to your phone wherever you go.   

digital business card social master 2021 virtual business card

They are eco-friendly in their elimination of printing, no more wasted paper.   

Ultimately and perhaps most importantly, digital business cards are much more economical.

You only purchase one business card which you can share with infinite amounts of people rather than having to go back and print more.    

Going from spending up to $200 annually to a one time purchase makes a big difference for business owners on a budget. 

It's truly the ‚Äúlast business card you'll ever need to purchase.‚Ä̬†¬†¬†

Where to Get a Digital Business Card

Digital business cards can be purchased online with the click of a button at   

There are no fees associated with Social Master digital business cards, the app to create and host your Master Profile is 100% free to use, the only purchase required is the purchase of the Social Master NFC device itself, the most basic of which are under $20.  

Social Master has a variety of digital business cards for a variety of needs and can be purchased with free 2-5 day shipping to quickly onboard you onto the digital business card format.   

After ordering the digital business card device of your choice from the Social Master shop, you can download the app to your cell phone on the App Store or Google Play Store.   

Social Master App for iPhone  

Social Master App for Android

From within the app, you can easily set up your Master Profile, which is the electronic business card you will be sharing with new contacts.   

digital business card personal trainer Social Master 2021 virtual business card electronic business card share social media facebook instagram twitter email phone number and more

To activate your Social Master device, you simply select ‚Äúactivate‚ÄĚ from within the app and then bring your device close to your NFC compatible cell phone to read the tag, and just like that your digital business card is activated and ready to share with new contacts.¬†¬†¬†

How to Use Digital Business Cards  

Once you have a digital business card from Social Master, the possibilities are endless.   

The Buzz is a sticker that adheres to any flat surface, most often the back of a cell phone, but they can also be found on checkout counters, walls, tables, or anywhere in a public space where you want your social media and website links to be easily accessible for clients, colleagues, and customers.   

The Pop is a device in the style of a popsocket collapsible phone grip, adhering to the back of your smartphone device to be used as a grip to secure your phone in hand, works as a stand for your phone, collapses when not in use, and can be used to seamlessly display your digital business cards to new contacts without ever reaching into your pocket or wallet to pull out business cards or make unnecessary physical contact.   

Digital business card Social Master 2021 virtual business card for social media sharing and networking

Social Master also offers physical cards for those who want to go a more traditional route, with both plastic and metal business cards that are approximately the size of a standard credit card with the same NFC chip for sharing your profile as the previously mentioned devices.

If you don't want to forgo business cards entirely, the plastic and metal business cards are perfect for having a physical card in a digitalized, modern format.   

If you happen to come across someone who has a smartphone old enough not to be NFC-compatible, the Social Master app includes a QR code that can be scanned and shared from the camera of the recipient's phone to open the very same Master Profile.   

Whether it's networking with new people or simply leaving it accessible for customers, digital business cards are an invaluable way to share your information or links with new contacts and people and grow your following and clientele exponentially.   

Jump On Board to Social Master  

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