Pet ID NFC Tag

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Ensure your pet's safety and quickly find your lost pet with the digital pet ID tag!Ā 

iPhone and Android compatible, the digitla dog tag makes it easier than ever to quickly find and return a lost petā€” by simply tapping a smartphone to the ID tag, the pet's custom profile will appear on the phone of whoever finds your pet, no app required!Ā 

LikeĀ allĀ Social Master devices, theĀ Pet IDĀ is equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology thatĀ instantlyĀ shares and displays your pet's customizable profile on the screen of the recipientā€™s compatible smartphone.Ā Ā 

NOTE:Ā Prior to purchase, please make sure your phone isĀ compatibleĀ with Social Masterā€™s NFC technology to ensure that you can properly activate the device.Ā Ā 

Size:Ā 3.35 cm x 3.15 cmĀ 

ClickĀ here to see the list of compatible devices.Ā 


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